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how to make a green screen video

here is a way to create a green screen video on pc by using cyberlink powerdirector
step1 :-     for making green screen video first you have to need a green           screen video like this you can download this video by this link download green screen video step2:-     open this video in cyberlink videodirector      if don't have cyberlink videodirector download it here step3:-    place this video on track 2 step4:-    click on modify     and enable chroma key     click on dropper icon    and select the green color    by doing this that green color will be turned into black    after that close the chroma key dialog box      and save it
step5:-  drag any sample image on track 1  for background image  or if you want to add any other video & image  you can add on track1 
step6:-   save it by clicking on produce   and select the desired video format   and file location  step7 :-   play your own green screen video

you can also try more videos by using this tecnique like this one which was maded by me

ir-jammer prank

pov display this is one of my project name :-ir-jammer
i have made this project for doing pranks by using this you can do pranks
this prank will cut the connection between T.V. and Remote To make this you will need:-Arduino uno ir leds battery computer (for programming ) usb cable (for arduino)

first connect ir leds to arduino
ir means infrared this is an led mostly use in the remotes of tv
connect the Ir led to pin 13 _________________________________________________________________________________________ upload the code on the arduino /*  IR Jammer  by diy-areeb */intirled=13;//set the ir led to digital pin 13voidsetup(){pinMode(irled,OUTPUT);}// the loop function runs over and over again forevervoidloop(){//just on and off the IR Signals immediately//it will jam the network of the remotedigitalWrite(irled,HIGH);delayMicroseconds(12);digitalWrite(irled,LOW);delayMicroseconds(12);} ______________________________________________________________________________…