ir-jammer prank

pov display this is one of my project name :-ir-jammer
i have made this project for doing pranks by using this you can do pranks
this prank will cut the connection between T.V. and Remote

To make this you will need:-

  • Arduino uno
  • ir leds
  • battery
  • computer (for programming )
  • usb cable (for arduino)


  • first connect ir leds to arduino

    ir means infrared this is an led mostly use in the remotes of tv
    connect the Ir led to pin 13
  • _________________________________________________________________________________________
  • upload the code on the arduino
  IR Jammer
  by diy-areeb
int irled = 13; //set the ir led to digital pin 13
void setup() {

  pinMode(irled, OUTPUT);

// the loop function runs over and over again forever
void loop() {
  //just on and off the IR Signals immediately
 //it will jam the network of the remote
  digitalWrite(irled, HIGH); 
  digitalWrite(irled, LOW);   


  • after fitting ir leds & uploading codes place the arduino near tv or setup box

    this device will continuously send ir signals to the tv or set-up box
    and not let the remote to send it signal
  • __________________________________________________________________________________________


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