Mosquito repeller

I nowadays mosquito is the huge problem and mosquito is also spreading many diseases and this DIY will really help you 

Here is a list of the components and tools required

  • Arduino Uno
  • PCB
  • Piezoelectric Disk
  • Header Pins
  • Wires
  • Soldering Iron
  • Soldering Lead
do as shown in video

upload the code from here

 * this is an arduino project
 * for those who is getting sucked by mosquito 
int speaker = "9" ;//first let set the pin for pizo disk
int frequency = "31000";
/*now lets keep the frequency 31000hz 
 * which irritate the mosquito
void setup() {
  pinMode(9,OUTPUT);//set pin 9 as output

void loop() {
  tone(speaker,frequency,1000);//use tone command to set frequency
   * if you dont know about " tone "
   * select tone and press
   * Crtl + Shift + F


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