Microphone Amplifier || How to make a microphone amplifier

Microphone Amplifier || How to make a microphone Amplifier
Using this microphone amplifier you can change audio signals to electrical signals and directly connect to a speaker for loud voice through speakers

Materials Needed:-IC LM386 (1pcs)Resistor 4.7k (1pcs)Resistor 1k (1pcs)Resistor 100k (2pcs)Capacitor Ceramic 0.1uF (1pcs)Condenser MicrophoneBattery with ClipVeroboardCircuit:-Here is the Diagram of the circuit click on the image to download

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Voice Control Light || Using Arduino and Android App || Diyareeb

Voice Control Light || Using Arduino and Android App
Now you can give Voice Command to Arduino  using an Android App
Materials Needed:-Arduino BoardHC-05 (Bluetooth Module)Ledan Android Phone (for the app)Download the App:- Click on the link to Download the app Codes:-Copy the Code from here

/* * Code Created for * Voice Controlled Light * for tutorial visit * */#include<SoftwareSerial.h>SoftwareSerialBT(10,11);// Rx | Tx //(Connect HC-05 Rx ----> 11   &  Tx ------> 10)StringVoiceRecv;//String for Voice Commandvoidsetup(){BT.begin(9600);//begin HC-05 Serial CommunicationSerial.begin(9600);//begin Serial CommunicationpinMode(13,OUTPUT);//Set LED pin as OUTPUT}voidloop(){//Read voice command when BT Serial Communication is Avilablewhile(BT.available()){delay(10);;//Change Data to CommandsVoiceRecv+=c;}//Command Check if(VoiceRecv.length()>0)//if Somthing Recived{Serial.println(VoiceRecv);//print Voice Command …

How make a Voting Machine || Made with Arduino || Hindi

How make a Voting Machine || Made with Arduino || Hindi
Learn how you can make your own voting machine within few minutes
Material Needed:-Arduino Board4 x Push Button4 x 10k ResistorLCD with i2c Interference WiresBreadboard/ Veroboard
CODESCopy the Codes or Download it from Drive
Click here to download the codes from drive

#include<Wire.h>#include<LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>LiquidCrystal_I2Clcd(0x3F,20,4);// set the LCD address intvotes[4]={0,0,0,0};charinbyte;Stringpwd="PASSWORD";//Default PasswordStringinpt="";booleanflag=false;booleansecuritygranted=false;inti;voidsetup(){Serial.begin(9600);//Begin serial communicationlcd.init();// Initializes the interface to the LCD screen lcd.backlight();pinMode(2,INPUT_PULLUP);//Setting pins as inputpinMode(3,INPUT_PULLUP);pinMode(4,INPUT_PULLUP);pinMode(5,INPUT_PULLUP);//Introlcd.setCursor(0,0);lcd.print(" VOTING MACHINE ");lcd.setCursor(0,1);lcd.print(" {NOT AVILABLE} ");Serial.println("ENTER PASS…

How to make Distance Meter using Ultrasonic Sensor || Made with Arduino || Ultrasonic Sensor || Hindi

How to make Distance Meter using Ultrasonic Sensor || Made with Arduino || Ultrasonic Sensor
Learn how you can make your own Distance meter using Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor
Material Needed:- Arduino UNOUltrasonic SensorLCD with i2c interfearnceJumper WireWiring:-Wiring of Ultrasonic Sensor -----> Arduino Vcc      ----------->   5vGND    -----------> GNDTRIG   ----------->   D7ECHO ----------->   D8Wiring of LCD with i2c -----> Arduino Vcc      ----------->   5vGND    -----------> GNDSDA     ----------->   A4SCL     ----------->   A5Coding:- /* * Distance Meter Using Ultrasonic Sensor * for more visit * *///libraries for LCD#include<Wire.h>#include<LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>LiquidCrystal_I2Clcd(0x3F,16,2);// set the LCD address to 0x27 for a 16 chars and 2 line displayintpingPin=7;//Pin diclaration for Trig of Ultrasonic sensorintinPin=8;//Pin diclaration for ECHO of Ultrasonic sensorlongduration,inches,cm;intindec,cmdec;in…
How to make Remote Light || How to Build Your Own PCB at a very low costIn my previous video i have shown you how to make remote light using Arduino so today i will tell you how you can make a remote light without using arduino  
Materials Needed:-CD4017 ictransistor BC547transistor BC557Resistor 4.7k ohm (2pcs)Resistor 1k ohmResistor 100ohmResistor 100k ohmCapacitor 1ufRelay 6voltdiode 40007TSOP 1738 (ir sensor)PCB (from Watch the Video:-

How to make Arduino Talk || Talking Arduino || Diy-Areeb

How to make Arduino Talk || Talking ArduinoThis Project will give your Arduino a Voice  and now Arduino will be able to interact 
Watch the video for more information

How to Make a data logger using Arduino || Temperature Recorder || Report making || data analyzing

How to Make a Data LoggerData Logger is a Device that is used to log a data into a Text file as a Report 
Data logger can be used in many ways, it can be used to get a raw data of the sensor, make an Excel sheet for data report and analysis
How to make itfirst collect all the material that are needed Arduino BoardDS3231 RTC moduleSD Card Module ArduinoWatch This Video to Know More