How to make Distance Meter using Ultrasonic Sensor || Made with Arduino || Ultrasonic Sensor || Hindi

How to make Distance Meter using Ultrasonic Sensor || Made with Arduino || Ultrasonic Sensor
Learn how you can make your own Distance meter using Arduino and Ultrasonic sensor
Material Needed:- Arduino UNOUltrasonic SensorLCD with i2c interfearnceJumper WireWiring:-Wiring of Ultrasonic Sensor -----> Arduino Vcc      ----------->   5vGND    -----------> GNDTRIG   ----------->   D7ECHO ----------->   D8Wiring of LCD with i2c -----> Arduino Vcc      ----------->   5vGND    -----------> GNDSDA     ----------->   A4SCL     ----------->   A5Coding:- /* * Distance Meter Using Ultrasonic Sensor * for more visit * *///libraries for LCD#include<Wire.h>#include<LiquidCrystal_I2C.h>LiquidCrystal_I2Clcd(0x3F,16,2);// set the LCD address to 0x27 for a 16 chars and 2 line displayintpingPin=7;//Pin diclaration for Trig of Ultrasonic sensorintinPin=8;//Pin diclaration for ECHO of Ultrasonic sensorlongduration,inches,cm;intindec,cmdec;in…
How to make Remote Light || How to Build Your Own PCB at a very low costIn my previous video i have shown you how to make remote light using Arduino so today i will tell you how you can make a remote light without using arduino  
Materials Needed:-CD4017 ictransistor BC547transistor BC557Resistor 4.7k ohm (2pcs)Resistor 1k ohmResistor 100ohmResistor 100k ohmCapacitor 1ufRelay 6voltdiode 40007TSOP 1738 (ir sensor)PCB (from Watch the Video:-

How to make Arduino Talk || Talking Arduino || Diy-Areeb

How to make Arduino Talk || Talking ArduinoThis Project will give your Arduino a Voice  and now Arduino will be able to interact 
Watch the video for more information

How to Make a data logger using Arduino || Temperature Recorder || Report making || data analyzing

How to Make a Data LoggerData Logger is a Device that is used to log a data into a Text file as a Report 
Data logger can be used in many ways, it can be used to get a raw data of the sensor, make an Excel sheet for data report and analysis
How to make itfirst collect all the material that are needed Arduino BoardDS3231 RTC moduleSD Card Module ArduinoWatch This Video to Know More

How to make a simple audio amplifier || Audio Amplifier using LM386

Make your own Audio Amplifier in few minutes
Why to buy those expensive Portable speaker if you can make your own

Material needed:-LM386 ic100uf 25V Capacitor < 2pcs >1000uf 25V Capacitor100nf Ceremic Capacitor1k resistor < 2pcs >3.5mm audio jack9volt battery with clipveroboard or breadboardCircuit and Schematic:- Watch this video for the procedure:-

Get your life Automated || How to use IFTTT

Get Your Life automated  || IFTTT ||Now you do anything automatically using ifttt it's an app which give you  IF THIS THAN THAT services this is a conditional statement which you can use with anything you want
THIS:- It is a trigger here you have to put a condition after which you want your task to be done
THAT:- here you have to assign the task which you want to be done after the trigger get's activated 
What is Called an Applet?An applet is a Ready to Use Feature , means those features which you can simply turn on and use that feature
The process by which the applet is made is called Recipe and the things which are used in building of an  Applet are Called Ingredients
Watch The Video for More Information

How to Build an Android App (no coding required)

Develop Your Own App Without any CodingNow anybody can create his/her own app the only thing needed is a mobile or Desktop with internet access.

This is Possible with MobinCube an Online App development Software it will help you to build an app using its Graphical Interference

Step 1:- Goto
Step 2:- Create an Account and Login With it
Step3:-Click on Create New App  and Start Making Your App
Screen Details:-There are Many types of screen which are given to you so what are there types
1.Option list:-this will show a list of button and you can assign the action to that button
2.Detail:- this will give you options to add text,images,videos,etc to your screen using drag-drop feature
3.Action Image:-This will let you choose an image and use it's different location as button.
4.RSS:-This feature enables you to add a RSS feed in your App
5.Map:-This feature will let you add a map in your app and mark diffrent locations on it
6.Calendar:- This Feature Enable you to add a calendar to your …