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Clock using DS3231 RTC module

Clock using DS3231 RTC module This project will display time and date on a 16x2 LCD.

For making this project you will need  DS3231 RTC moduleArduino UNO16x2 LCD with i2c interferenceSome jumper wires
Let's see What is RTC module Top View

Bottom View

These modules work on I2c Communication also called TWI (Two Wire interface)  This module can :- Store timeStore dateStore DayMeasure temperature This module have a battery which run this module like a clock. If the battery is removed the time will be also reset.
What is I2c LCD?This is a 16x2 LCD display this display usually need to be connected using 18 different wires. And that wirring is really a headache and also take too much of time.

But if we attach an I2c module on the LCD it change those 18 pin into 4 pins.
Here i am not going in detail if you want to know how I2c LCD work check it on my blog.

Wiring Wiring for RTC module Vcc to 5v arduinoGnd to Gnd ArduinoSDA to analog pin 4SCL to analog pin 5 Wiring for LCD Vcc to D5(which I am n…
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What is I2c/TWI in Arduino?

|What is i2c or TWI? i2c/TWI(Two Wire Interface) is a type of interface used with MicroController it is used to make the wiring of the modules or Output/Input Easier because it only uses 4 Wires to Connect. those Wires Are Vcc|Gnd|SDA|SCL
What is SDA  & SCL? In  only two wires are used for Data Transmision But It is not Simillar to The Rx and Tx lines. the two Connections Are SDA(Standard Data Line) And SCL(Standard Clock Line) SDA(Standard Data Line):-This line transmit the Data Signal (In Binary mode of transmission) To The I2cChip And the Chip Calculate the Data with The Clock Line Signal SCL(Standard Clock Line):-this maintain the time for the data signal and assit the I2c chip to calculate data signals
Where to connect the SDA & SCL line? Every MicroController Board Have It SDA & SCL on different places like
MicroController Board                    SDA                    SCLArduino UNOA4A5Arduino Mega 25602021Arduino Leonardo23Arduino Due2021
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Resistor Calculator (Advance)

Enter the Resistor Value like, '120000' for 120 K Ohms

-- or --
Enter the Bands to decode
Band One: BlackBrownRedOrangeYellowGreenBlueVioletGrayWhite Band Two: BlackBrownRedOrangeYellowGreenBlueVioletGrayWhite
Band Three: BlackBrownRedOrangeYellowGreenBlueVioletGrayWhiteSilverGold Band Four: GoldSilverNone

Fill out either form, to find out the value of a resistor, or the color bands for a value of a resistor.

TFT Game by Areeb

if you are fond of doing paint and want to make something related to that. So Here is the project for you. This Project is a Painting Software Based on TFT touchscreen
This project have Many Feature like:- Various Color Choices Can Change pensizeDifferent games layout like | i}tic-tac-toe | ii}Word Game | ii}Complete LOGO Different Pen Shape like |i}line | ii}Circle | ii}SquareHelp Button For New User 
  Material needed:- Arduino UNO(can use mega also)Arduino TFT touchScreen Sheild (buy it here)How To Make :-This Project is Very Easy to make Just You Have To Fit the TFT shield on the Arduino And Then Just upload the code  /* * Arduino TFT Paint * by Areeb-ur-Rub * FaceBook Page:- */// Don't Change These information #include<Adafruit_GFX.h>#include<MCUFRIEND_kbv.h>MCUFRIEND_kbvtft;#include<TouchScreen.h>#ifdefined(__SAM3X8E__)#undef__FlashStringHelper::F(string_literal)#defineF(string_literal)string_literal#endif// These are the pins for some typical…